Family is Very IMPORTANT 

.Bobby J. Thomas

A Message From The Founder

I'm overjoyed that the Priss & Frank Family Center has come to fruition! It's been a dream of mine to operate a center - a safe place - for families to gather for purposeful visitation during a strenuous time in their lives.  Due to a variety of reasons, parents and children may not live in the same home and may be under the care of the Department of Families and Children Services (DFACS).  Regardless of the reason, parental visitation is a right, as well as an opportunity to build strong attachments and permanence that will serve the child's best interest.

​It's my hope that the Priss & Frank Family Center will be a warm, welcoming, and inviting place for families as they work to regain their lives in a productive way.  Through our partnership with the Juvenile Courts, the Board of Education, DFACS, various service providers and many wonderful supporters and friends. I believe we will see positive changes in the lives of the families, especially children, in our area.

Please feel free to visit us and take a tour of the center. If you like, volunteer your services, we welcome you.  Thank you and remember, "It's all about the family!"